Last Update: 20/11/2018

Expected Learning Outcome

Expected Learning Outcome

  • ELO1 Apply ethical, legal, global implications in business decision making
  • ELO2 Demonstrate understanding in business and organization management
  • ELO3 Effectively apply quantitative analysis to logistics management
  • ELO4 Apply research methodology to investigate and solve problems in logistics and supply chain
  • ELO5 Critically evaluate challenge of managing logistics systems
  • ELO6 Develop the core leadership values, or function on multi-disciplinary, and communicate effectively
  • ELO7 Demonstrate technology and identify software necessary to help making decisions

Curriculum Mapping

ND4000 Foundation for Graduate Studies
LC4001 Reading Skills Development in English for Graduate Studies
LC4002 Integrated English Language Skills Development
LC4011 Remedial Reading Skills Development in English for Graduate Studies
LC4012 Remedial Integrated English Language Skills Development
LM4001 Mathematics and Statistics for Logistics Management
LM4002 English for Logistics Management
LM5001 Data Analysis and Decision Models
LM5002 Logistics and Supply Chain Management
LM5003 Management Fundamental for Logistics Personnel
LM5004 Information Technology for Logistics Management
LM6001 Inventory Management
LM6002 Warehouse Management
LM6003 Transportation and Distribution Network Management
LM6004 Supply Chain Management
LM7101 Customer Relationship Management
LM7102 Supply Chain Risk Management
LM7103 Project Management
LM7201 Logistics Simulation
LM7202 Business Intelligence and Analytics
LM7203 Revenue Management
LM7204 Business Forecasting
LM7301 International Logistics Management
LM7302 Data Envelopment Analysis in Logistics Management
LM7303 Activity Based Costing in Logistics Management
LM7401 Negotiation and Conflict Management
LM7402 Qualitative Research in Organizations
LM8001 International Seminar in Logistics Management
LM8001-8003 Directed Studies
LM8801-8809 Selected Topics in Logistics Management

Sequence of LM courses

The curriculum is logically structured, sequenced and integrated.